A lifelong partnership with Mercedes-Benz

Mahavir Group drove in the most luxurious passenger cars, Mercedes-Benz, to Hyderabad nearly 2 decades ago and the city hasn’t had anything close to the great expectations since then. Mahavir Group is one of the oldest cars & bikes dealers in hyderabad city that boasts of having Mercedes-Benz, Isuzu and Skoda showrooms across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Mahavir Group and Mercedes-Benz – the forever relationship

Mahavir Group was founded by people who had a profound love for cars and bikes. With an aim for making Hyderabad one of the major hotspots for Mercedes-Benz, they brought in the first ever Mercedes-Benz passenger cars to Hyderabad.

The group immediately set itself apart from other dealers and with no room for a second party, the Group quickly became a monopoly for Mercedes-Benz and Skoda dealers. With an eye for detail, Mahavir Group has succeeded in creating history through this iconic move.

Mercedes-Benz, a luxury icon on the roads

Have you ever thought of what kind of Mercedes-Benz would suit you? Or whether is it worth buying a Mercedes-Benz at all? These questions are tangible and very real. Mahavir Group understood this problem even before they got the passenger cars to the city.

mercedes benz dealer

In order to make sure that customers got what they wanted and more from Mahavir, the Group went all out in getting the best deals. With an impressive space for their showrooms, Mahavir Group has ensured that every technical problem is solved and that servicing is never an issue.

With some of the best finance and insurance policies offered, Mahavir Group has become a family name for most people when they decide to invest in the car of their dreams. When it comes to investing in a car like that’s as great and luxurious as the Mercedes is, picking the right dealer is extremely important. This is why, to make sure that nothing happens when you do buy the car, Mahavir Group’s comprehensive system and structured plan makes sure that you are always at the top of your game.

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